30 Reasons To Choose Hampton Physical Therapy!

Actually, There are 30 GREAT Reasons To Choose Hampton Physical Therapy!

1. ALL practitioners have Doctorates of Physical Therapy
2. Treating and supporting Hampton & Seabrook (Seacoast) community for 15yrs!
3. No aides or assistants, your care is from a Doctor of PT
4. Independent of hospital – cost is 2-3x less than hospital care – significant savings for those with deductibles
5. Convenient locations… both clinics on Route 1 in Hampton and Seabrook, NH
6. Convenient times – Offering 7am-7pm Mon-Thurs and 7am-6pm on Fridays
7. Appointments available in 24hrs when flexible
8. Evidence based practice-all treatments are current and supported by research
9. Will call on your insurance and explain your benefit before starting-no surprises
10. Therapists certified in Dry Needling
11. Therapists certified in manipulations
12. Therapists certified in BFR training – first and only in the area
13. Therapists certified in Vestibular rehab
14. Therapists certified in Graston Technique
15. Orthopedic board-certified clinical specialist (only 1% of outpatient PTs hold this certification!)
16. FOTO outcome measure with reported 98% satisfaction rate
17. Friendly therapists and front office
18. Great clinic vibe… believe it or not patients report they have fun at therapy!
19. Every patient gets a ’30’ T-shirt!
20. Same therapist is seen at each visit, patients are not passed around
21. Hampton PT is not a factory! Quality 1:1 care
22. Communicates routinely with your MD with progress notes etc.
23. Involved and actively contributes to the community each month
24. HPT takes nearly all insurances
25. Offers Free discovery visits. Not sure if PT will help? Line a visit up to discuss with one of our Doctors
26. We don’t need a referral for Medicare or patients with a PPO. This saves you time & money. Simply line up an appointment for an evaluation
27. Clean, updated, state of the art clinics in both locations
28. Your insurance may pay you $100-$150 reimbursement for choosing to have your therapy with us!
29. Pride ourselves in being overly educated. HPT hosts courses and classes routinely to offer you the best and latest care
30. Last but not least, we truly care and are happy to partner with you in your recovery.

We will do everything we can to get you better!