Hampton Physical Therapy Clinics Now Certified in Blood Flow Restriction Training

Hampton Physical Therapy, with clinics in both Hampton and Seabrook, NH is proud to announce that all of their therapists have received certifications in Blood Flow Restriction “BFR” Training .

Blood flow restriction training is a method of strength training that involves restricting the blood flow to working muscles to trick the body into getting stronger by creating a metabolic stress response. It is achieved through the application of external pressure over the extremities. The goal is to enable patients to make greater strength gains while lifting lighter loads, thereby reducing the overall stress placed on the limb. Muscle hypertrophy, or muscle growth, requires either mechanical stress (lifting heavy loads) or metabolic stress (hormones and metabolites).

In the rehabilitation setting, achieving muscle loading at a threshold high enough to induce muscle hypertrophy is very difficult. BFR allows us to safely train muscles at very load loads, limit muscle and joint strain, while achieving the same results as heavy loading. We can now maximize strength gains safer and faster without the side effects of traditional load based training like delayed onset muscle soreness, joint stress, and micro tearing! We are excited to offer this service to our patients.

Patients no longer have to do max repetitions to achieve strength gain!

Blood flow restriction training is surprisingly comfortable. The pressure cuff induces muscle fatigue relatively quickly and with very little strain. A trained physical therapist, with the aid of a Doppler ultrasound, will determine individual blood pressure values and customize a protocol. The use of a Doppler and individualization of restriction pressure is vital to the safety and effectiveness of this technique. After the appropriate pressure is validated, a special restriction cuff is placed on 1-4 limbs during the duration of a prescribed exercise program. The exercise program can be aerobic, restive or a combination of the two. The exciting thing about BRF training is that the effect is systemic, therefore affecting the whole body. Using this method has total body benefit due to its action on hormones and growth factors that act on multiple systems.

“This is an ideal therapy for most orthopedic post-operative patients. BRF will allow you to build muscle sooner during the early phase of your rehab program. Most protocol’s are limiting early on in recovery in order to protect the joint or repair. BFR will now allow us to safely help you build muscle sooner!” says owner of Hampton PT, Kate Serodio

“We are very excited to be on the forefront of the latest rehabilitation and performance methods. As research uncovers safer, faster, and more effective techniques, we strive to be the first to offer these to our patients and clients. Additionally, we take great pride in the fact that our therapists are some of the best educated in the field. We strongly encourage our therapist to be over-educated!” says Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network Vice President Dan Fleury. Hampton Physical Therapy is a Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network Partner.

Local Pinnacle Rehab network affiliated sites currently performing BFR: Hampton Physical Therapy, Portsmouth Physical Therapy, and Somersworth Physical Therapy.


Winnacunnet HS Student Athletes Compete in 2nd Annual
Hampton Physical Therapy ‘PLANK TIL YOU TANK’ Challenge 

Kicking off the Columbus holiday weekend, on Friday, October 5th, Hampton Physical Therapy’s exciting ‘Plank Til You Tank’ challenge was held for the second time at Winnacunnet High School. The WHS winter sports teams showed off their endurance skills with one of the most challenging core stability exercises known as ‘Planking’.

Hampton Physical Therapy hosted ‘Plank Til You Tank’ as not only a way of supporting local youth, but also educating the benefits of Planking. The Plank is one of the most effective total body moves that strengthens your core, legs, and upper body. Plank can even help prevent injury! Risk factors of low back are thought to begin in school aged children and therefore research suggests it is “desirable for children and adolescents to perform moderate-to-high intensity dynamic core exercises during physical education warm-up to improve trunk and core muscular endurance.” Core stability exercises have been found to be more effective than general exercise in the prevention of low back pain.

Winnacunnet winter sports teams competed against each other to win $500 for their Team! The team that averaged the longest plank took the prize! Congratulations go to the WHS Boys X-Country Team and Girls Varsity Soccer Team who were each awarded $500!


The overall winners received a gift certificate for two professional full-body stretch sessions from REZILIENT in Portsmouth, NH.

Hampton Physical Therapy was thrilled with the turnout and the friendly, competitive spirit shown by all participants and congratulates all the winners!

WHS Boys X-Country Team members Rath Chea and Matt Lambery were awarded $500 for their team at Hampton Physical Therapy’s PLANK TIL YOU TANK CHALLENGE.

WHS Girls Varsity Soccer Team member Mills Waddell and Keelyn McNamara won $500 for their team! Dr. Jess Leiberman from Hampton PT (center) awards the check to the girls.

Winning Overall Plankers; Katie Lennox and Rath Chea each were awarded 2 professional, total-body stretches from REZILIENT in Portsmouth, NH! Awarded by Hampton Physical Therapy owner, Kate Serodio.

Rezilient Professional Stretching - Portsmouth, NHhttps://www.rezilientme.com