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Why Shop Physical Therapy FIRST!

BY KATE SERODIO, DPT/OWNER Unlike The Commonwealth Motors slogan “shop us last”, Physical Therapists across the nation are trying to educate everyone on shopping PT first! The goal is to inform and educate the benefits of Physical Therapy (PT) for both your injuries as well as our injured healthcare system. Here’s a real life example… Read more »

30 Reasons To Choose Hampton Physical Therapy!

Actually, There are 30 GREAT Reasons To Choose Hampton Physical Therapy! 1. ALL practitioners have Doctorates of Physical Therapy 2. Treating and supporting Hampton & Seabrook (Seacoast) community for 15yrs! 3. No aides or assistants, your care is from a Doctor of PT 4. Independent of hospital – cost is 2-3x less than hospital care… Read more »

Low Back Pain and Imaging Explained

By Jess Leberman, DPT – Hampton Clinic ~ Low back pain (LBP) is a significant condition in the general population making it the leading cause of daily activity and work related limitations and absences. It is estimated the lifetime prevalence of non-specific low back pain is 60% to 70%. LBP places a significant burden on… Read more »