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Is losing your balance normal as you age?

By ALLISON GARVIN, DPT At some point we start to notice things are not quite as easy as they used to be. Reactions feel slower, standing on one foot feels like an acrobatic trick, and changing positions requires a moment to regain our orientation. There are multiple reasons for these changes, and we have the… Read more »

Do You Have Noisy Joints?

by Michael Lambert, DPT –  Hampton Clinic Have you ever heard a pop or a crack in your knee when trying to get down on the floor? Or maybe you heard some noise in your elbow one morning when you picked up your coffee cup or even a little click in your shoulder when you… Read more »

Knee Pain in the Adolescent Athlete

by Jessica Leberman, DPT – Hampton NH Clinic Young athletes may have had an increase in complaints of knee pain this past winter after playing on harder indoor courts. Adolescent athletes are among those most frequently plagued by knee injuries. Knee pain and clicking not precipitated by a traumatic injury is a common complaint heard… Read more »