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Direct Access ~ Take Charge of Your Healing!

by LISA WHELDON As a physical therapist I frequently get asked by people that are dealing with an injury, “well how do I get an appointment with you, do I need a prescription or a referral?”. The world of insurance can be a very confusing thing for the consumer. At Hampton Physical Therapy our front… Read more »

Painful Muscle Knots ~ Trigger Points and Relief

by Nate Wood, Hampton Physical Therapist – Seabrook NH Clinic.  Have you ever woken up feeling extra sore a few days after a strenuous workout, all-day hike, or playing tennis for the first time in years? Sometimes that ‘charley horse’ or muscle knot stays for weeks or months and time just isn’t getting rid of… Read more »

Non-Invasive Pain Relief ~ Graston Technique™

by Lisa Wheldon, DPT Ouch my aching elbow! Most of us are familiar with issues related to overuse injuries of our muscles and joints. Whether you are a weekend warrior that really tries to push it when they get in the gym and pulled in their calf, or you’re at work performing the same task… Read more »