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Direct Access ~ Take Charge of Your Healing!

by LISA WHELDON As a physical therapist I frequently get asked by people that are dealing with an injury, “well how do I get an appointment with you, do I need a prescription or a referral?”. The world of insurance can be a very confusing thing for the consumer. At Hampton Physical Therapy our front… Read more »

Do You Have Noisy Joints?

by Michael Lambert, DPT –  Hampton Clinic Have you ever heard a pop or a crack in your knee when trying to get down on the floor? Or maybe you heard some noise in your elbow one morning when you picked up your coffee cup or even a little click in your shoulder when you… Read more »

Have a Pain in Your Head?

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Types of Headaches and How They Can Be Helped… by Michael Brezak, PT, DPT – Hampton NH Clinic We all live stressful lives. The hustle and bustle of day to day activities at times can leave us feeling a bit stretched too thin. Stress plays an important role in how we feel and interact with… Read more »