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“Migraine headaches have controlled my life for years now. After trying just about every medicine available, I have found the best way to keep the migraines under control to be dry needling therapy. Kate and the team at Hampton Physical Therapy are great!” Ginny Carr

I always say “NO!” when my doctor tries to send me to ‘Core PT’ and I head to Hampton PT instead. I would 100% recommend Hampton PT, because of their ongoing knowledge, commitment to helping patients, and ease of appointments plus 2 facilities that I can go to. My success in rehabing is because of Hampton PT’s… Read more »

Various sports injuries in my teens and 20s finally caught up to me, including a complete hip replacement at age 53. Kate actually recommended a top Boston Orthopedic Dr. for the surgery. Kate and her team got me back on my bike, and back in business quickly, and now I am completely pain free. BTW:… Read more »